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About Us

On the foothills overlooking the Missouri River basin our family settled near a small town in south eastern South Dakota and we have been farming and producing forage here for 5 generations. Agriculture has seen a number of changes over the decades, but one thing has always remained the same; our family's commitment to provide only premium quality forages for our customers.

If there is a better place in the world to grow premium forage for Green Meadows value added products, we challenge you to find it. South Dakota is unlike anywhere in the world when it comes to quality land, clean environment and the highest ethical standards.

Growing quality forage starts with a passion to be the best. Adding in superior plant genetics, unique processing, and packaging gives you the ingredients for Green Meadows Forage value added forage products. The Dakota prairie is resilient and bountiful. The sandy loam soil found here is nature's recipe for the most naturally nutritious forage. To guarantee freshness in every bag, Green Meadows Forage controls every step from the processing to packaging. Only the highest quality forages and ingredients are used to make Green Meadows Forage products more than just hay. We have created the best value added forage products in the industry today.

With 5 generations of agricultural experience, Green Meadows Forage blends proprietary mixtures of quality forages and special ingredients to create a new forage standard. This new standard will allow our customers to reach their animals maximum expectations. Now that you know our commitment to quality in ever bag. Please contact us with any questions and your success stories.
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