Show Cattle

2016 Reserve Champion Hereford Steer @ San Antonio 
2016 Champion Light Weight Simmental Steer @ Houston
2016 Middle Weight Exotic Division Champion Steer @ Fort Worth

"We are believers in your Natural Fill Product........
All our steers were fed out on Natural Fill, as in years past.  Thought you may want to share some photos."

SJ Cattle & Creations
Renfro Boys

Weatherford, Tx 76087
Reserve Grand Champion Chiangus Heifer FWSSR 
Owned With Carolina Chiangus
Reserve Grand Champion Chiangus Bull FWSSR 
Owned with Hunter Farms and Woodhaven Farms
"Once again we are loving what Natural Fill is doing for our show cattle. The fill we get form this product gives a very natural and consistently full look. For as long as we have been using Natural Fill we have not had to worry about over filling or even bloating. Thank You for a product we can trust." 

Jill Boddicker Miller 
Talmo Ranch 

"Natural fill and high noon bull developer what a winning combination! The bulls have gained 4.52lb/day since weaning. They've stayed on feed with this combination. The results amazing!"
"We feed Natural Fill to gain and maintain the added dimension and depth in our cattle. The product is so versatile that we use it on all of our show cattle from babies to breds. This product is unrivaled in the fact that you can feed it free choice and still keep desired body condition on mature animals. I continue to be amazed at the added rib shape that can be gained by just feeding a few pounds of Natural Fill each day."

Jason Manning
5 Ways Farms 

Union City, OH
Reserve supreme heifer Iowa State AGR.

"Natural Fill has helped this heifer keep a natural full look especially on show day!!!! Thanks for a great product!"

Randy Buesing

"NATURAL FILL is a great product for our feeding program at Garrett Show Cattle. We started feeding it to add fill and rib shape to our sale calves and show calves. It is great for show day fill. Our calves seem to continue to eat NATURAL FILL after they have gone off other feeds. 

This heifer was Champion Chi at our fair and has shown several other places and has done well.


Wade Garrett 
Garrett Show Cattle

Richmond, IN

"Here at MR Cattle Company we have been very impressed with Natural Fill. We have been feeding 1-2 lbs daily to our sale cattle for our Annual Online Sale, this product continues to exercise the rib cage for maximum fill and dimension on a daily basis rather than just a few days before it really matters. We have also been able to increase grain amounts on these young cattle to push them without ...having loose stools. Natural Fill also helps keep the rumen healthy and working with plenty of scratch and the yeast addition helps the natural balance of the digestive system. Natural Fill is a very consistent product, every bag looks the same and smells the same. We will continue to make Natural Fill a part of our strategy when feeding show cattle and sale cattle."

Matt Rogers 
MR Cattle Company 
Wilton, Iowa

"We are LOVING your Natural Fill. We started feeding 1 to 2 lbs a day with his daily feed ration to keep him on feed. We've shown this steer very successfully all fall and winter with several breed championships and top 5 placings shown by Landon Richards. We've used Natural Fill the night before and on show day to give him more fore-rib, upper-fill and it has helped to drop his flank.

Our cattle seem to stay on water easier at shows while on Natural Fill. They take to it a lot easier than other "fill" products. It has a much fresher and appetizing smell, too."

Levi Richards 
Penberville, OH

"We switched from using beet pulp to Natural Fill and have been thoroughly pleased with the results. Natural Fill doesn't create any digestive upset and the cattle all eat it with no problem. The fill you get with the product is very natural and with daily feeding you get consistent fill that doesn't fluxuate like beet pulp or alfalfa. You do not have to worry about over filling or a bloated look. We will not go back to beet pulp for any reason. 

We also recently used Natural Fill to hold a Market heifer for Denver Stock Show with great results. The heifer maintained her weight while keeping a fresh look and feel about her. We were also pleased with the fact that she could consume enough fill to be satisfied and was also still getting some nutrients. We will continue to use Natural Fill on all of our show animals.


Dan & Amber Bates 
StreamSide Cattle Co.
Manhattan, Montana
"We started feeding Natural Fill in Nov. While at the NAILE in Louisville,KY. (That says something about having Faith in the product.) They never missed a beat. Continued with it at the ranch on a daily basic. 

While at the Ft. Worth Stock Show in late January. The proof was there in the added dimension and substance that was promised with Natural Fill. While keeping the degree of condition that we wanted. 

We had Reserve Grand Champion Chiangus Heifer and Bull. 

Thank You for a product we can trust."

Jill Boddicker Miller
Talmo Ranch 



Dairy Cattle

Buckeye Knoll Plmamzing EXP-ET
Winning Junior Champion of Open Show at World Dairy Expo 2013
"NATURAL FILL is an essential part of our show prep diet. We start feeding NATURAL FILL at least 2 weeks prior to show day. We increase the amount of feed as the show day gets closer. Because of NATURAL FILL, we now get the extra spring of rib on show day, that we were unable to achieve previously. Another added benefit is that I'm assured my cattle will not go off feed while at a show."

Doug Rhoades
Buckeye Knoll Farm
Greenville, OH
Winning Intermediate and Reseve Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo 2013
"After years of fielding a full show string every season, we at Top Acres now have much reduced herd size and thus a limited number of show cattle exhibited. This year while preparing a couple young cows to represent our program at the shows, we were loking for ways to increase roughage consumption in order to gain fullness of rib. The cows had about the right amount of body condition and we wanted to keep them full while controlling energy intake. A few local friends has used NATURAL FILL on their show heifers and were pleased with the results. We added NATURAL FILL to the diet of our show cows with pleasing results. It adds variety to the diet and is very palatable on a daily basis as well as helping to get the desirable fill on show days. We intend to keep using NATURAL FILL in our program."

Wayne Sliker

St. Paris, Ohio
"1st place spring calf at the Pennsylvania State Junior Dairy Show 2013... "Natural fill, we love it! Such a natural way to get that desired fill for show day! No beet pulp and no mess later!" 

Lexi Ream
Pineybrook Farm

Somerset, Pennsylvania
"We have been using Natural Fill at local, regional, and national shows for a couple years with great success. We would incorporate Natural Fill with our existing hay and beet pulp program. We found that when we introduced the feed a little at a time over the course of a few days and increased the amount fed, we were happy with the results. We have since then virtually replaced the beet pulp, and found that we can keep the body condition in check due to the physical fill and the lower energy content of the Natural Fill. We have noticed that the calves and heifers really go at the feed, so much so that they will dig a hole into the straw to get to it. The biggest surprise is how well the lactating cows inhale the feed. The look and the smell of the feed are very similar to a tmr, and the starch is low, so that the udder texture is still there. We use it at every show to balance out the fill. We notice that the animals don't get that "gutty", over-filled look. The heifers are right on during the show and the margin for error is decreased. We have tried other "fill" products, but they do not give us  the consistent results of the Natural Fill."

Duane Cole
Burghill, Ohio

"My experience with Natural Fill has been very positive. I first noticed the palatability, I do not believe I have ever seen my heifers or cows eat as aggressive as they have when I adding the Natural Fill to they diet. I was also able to achieve a more uniform and fuller fill than I had ever been able to by using beet-pulp. I refer to it as a TMR in a bag and makes transition very simple and effective. I have had trouble in the past keeping them on feed at shows but not anymore. I'm sure that during the summer when heat plays a factor, Natural Fill will be a crucial part of my feeding program."

Doug Rhoades
Greenville, Ohio
"I've bred and raised dairy cattle for over 30 years. I've shown dairy cattle at local, regional and national levels for over 20 years. When my friend Vince Williams discussed with me about trying Natural Fil, I was a little skeptical as I had a major show coming and did not want to change feed stuffs. However I did have a yearling heifer that was having trouble filling. My traditional feeding program for show included beet-pulp and cotton-hulls approximately 2 weeks before show along with their normal feeding program. I started slowly with Natural Fill and increased. I must say, they immediately took to the product and within 3 days my heifers were eating 10 lb. a day of Natural Fill and I was getting the fill I could not get before. After studying the ingredient list, I firmly believe the combination of the grasses, oats, barley, and soy-hulls has made the right combination to get the maximum fill on my show group."

Hills Acre Reg. Holsteins & Milking Shorthorns 
Bob & Mary Jane Hill

Fountain City, Indiana


Show Goats


I wanted to let you know my findings on Natural Fill. After our initial visit you peaked my interest enough to research this under my own enviorment and conditions. I separated 2 pens of nannies that were about a month away from kidding. Pen 1 had 5 nannies that I put on my conventional feed and pen 2 of 5 nannies were fed ½ of total diet conventional feed and the other ½ Natural Fill. A small amount of hay was provided as well. After 1 week I noticed the Natural Fill group were a lot more aggressive eating and seemed more content afterwords. After first nannie delivered I noticed a bigger fuller udder than normal but thought I would wait for others before making any conclusions. As the others delivered they also had fuller looking udders compared to previous time and were noticeably fuller than the ones in Pen 1. As the kids reached a few days of age I noticed them noseing around the feed pans of their mothers and starting to eat. I have never had this happen before at this early age. I am writing this before I have taken final weights but I can tell you now the pen of kids on the natural fill are definitely bigger than the ones that did not get it. I will provide weights sometime in early August but Natural Fill has made a difference in my lactation and gestation diets. 

Thank you,"

Jack Farnst 
F Co. Boer Goats

Mays, Indiana

"Reason for study was to determine effectiveness of Natural Fill in yearling boer goat weathers. 

2 groups were evaluated- the controll group of 5 in pen 1 were on the control diet, the second group of 5 were in pen 2 and fed 1/2 of regular diet and balance of Natural Fill. 

These were yearling boer goats weighing 70lbs. Weights were taken at start of trial and again at end of 3 weeks or end of trial. 

Conclusion was that pen 2 gained 1/3 lb. more per day than pen 1 at a savings of 37 cents per day over pen 1 and that feed intakes were more noticable. These goats in pen 2 were eating 2lb. of Natural Fill per day."

Jason Burns, Producer 
New Castle, Indiana
"We had a very successful show season this year using the Natural Fill product. I was able to feed and hold our boer and dairy wethers, saving money on feed costs at the same time. Our show nannies had incredible fill in the rib area and amazingly full racks. 

I saved over a dollar a day on feed costs by using the Natural Fill on the wethers. We won Champion Dairy Wether and got the rate of gain award for him. We also won the Champion Boer Wether as well as Reserve Champion Boer Wether. The Natural Fill product was an integral part of our feeding program. The boys were placed on the product from day one and I fed them very limited grains. They could have two pounds of the Natural Fill and only a pound and a half of a complete pellet feed. in the past I was feeding over 4 pounds of feed daily to achieve the same results. 

We placed first and second in every class with our girls. We won Grand and Reserve Champion for both the full bloods and percentage breeding does. Our girls were fed only the Natural Fill for the entire month prior to the show. They had wonderful fill on the rib area and the top-lines were stunning. The Natural Fill product was easy to use because they all loved it! I didn't have to worry about a fat hay belly at all.

Thank you,"

Melanie Holthouse
Circle H Boer Goats

Richmond, Indiana



"Since we have been feeding Natural Fill our lambs have maintained an aggressive appetite. The lambs have more center and spring of rib. It's a great product if your holding or limiting the feed intake. We are very happy with the results and we think you will be also. We strongly recommend using Natural Fill."

Terhaar Club Lambs
Brad, Tina, Ashley, Garrett
Champion South Dakota Born & Bred 2013
"We have found much success in using Natural Fill in our show ration! It's an easy way to add texture to their feed, and we definitely noticed a difference in the overall feed intake and general health of our show lambs."

Julianna Albrecht
"I wanted to share my daughters success so far this season. We have five lambs and all have won at least one first place and most have been in the top three at every show out of 8 shows! Her Ewe "Owee" has been Reserve Grand Champion at two shows (North Central GA Lamb Show & Southeast Empire Livestock Show) and her Ewe "Sassy" was Grand Champion Ewe at the Southeast Empire Livestock Show this week...end. 

Her wethers have won multiple first places and been in many Division Drives. We are holding them to the state fair in October. 

My intent of this email is to brag on our feeding program that we are constantly asked about by other show families. We use SSC Club Lamb Feed, Starglo protein supplement, and steam rolled barley. The only forage we feed is Natural Fill twice daily. We follow instructions on each product carefully. If you look at the photos, you will see well-muscled, 
trim market lambs." 

Mark P Camp
April 20, 2013
May 5, 2013
"This ewe was put on Natural Fill a week after being weaned, as she needed more rib shape and fill. She was pretty flat ribbed after the wean and was losing body condition by the day. She was put on 1 pound of Natural Fill per day, mixed in with her Kalmbach show feed ration. After a week we could tell a slight difference; and after 15 days the change was so drastic, the ewe looks better than before she was weaned. I'd hate to think of how long it would have taken her to make her post-wean come back if we didn't have Natural Fill. Here are the before and after pictures."

Levi Richards
Penberville, Ohio
The ewe pictured has only been fed Natural Fill for around a week and a half.
The ewe pictured has only been fed Natural Fill for around a week and a half.
"I have been feeding Natural Fill to my Show Lambs for the past month and half at a rate of 2 pounds a day. The results have been outstanding my show lambs look as fresh and bloomy as they have ever have in feeding show lambs for the past twenty years. Natural Fill is the real deal and is well worth the investment. My plans are to use the product during the Spring season in my creep area to get that bloom on my lambs for the customers that are looking for show lambs. I also plan on continuing to use the product to my lambs that are going to sales and also my show lambs for the summer. I am a firm believer that Natural Fill will help me make more money in the barn and sale ring and will help me win the purple banners in the show ring."

Lumpkin Club Lambs
Lumpkin Family Southdowns
Lance Lumpkin

Economy, Indiana



"My Horses LOVE Green Meadows Forage. I LOVE it because the Forage is consistent, nutritious and reasonably priced every time. Best of all, there is no waste. It's hard to find good hay both at home and on the road while traveling the Show Circuit. Green Meadows Forage has been the answer to keep my Feeding Program very nutritious, economical, the Horses love it and it's easy to pack in the trailer for travel.

Thank you for keeping my horses going on all 8 cylinders!!!"

Linda Rodeffer 
Bar Ranch Reining Horses

Ocala, Florida

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